7 Fastest Growing Jobs (Work From Home Edition)

• 7 In-Demand Work • Home Health Aides • Housekeepers • Marriage and Family Therapists • Youtubers and Bloggers • Online Reseller • Food Delivery Persons • Personal Trainers

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the most sought-after occupations in existence. We've put together a list of the fastest-growing occupations and their popularity is expected to continue trending upward for decades to come.

UNITED STATES: 7 In-Demand Work

Home Health Aides

With a huge demand for workers in the medical industry as the pandemic struck, and the healthcare system in general was crippled. As home health aides are semi-professional medical staffs who are moderately qualified, there is a lower bar to entry than a staff nurse or medical attendant.

Further, home health aides can work from home and generally are less exposed to threats from COVID-19 while working inside a hospital, this flexibility and reduced risk allow people in this job to keep up with appointments and handle children while they are at their job which makes it easier on family life.


Since many businesses are suffering from slowdowns as COVID-19 restricts business activity and forces people to stay home, the demand for housekeepers and maids is booming.

Sanitary environments are a priority during the pandemic. And because of the demand for "clean" everything, even in the most remote locations, housekeepers and maids are hot commodities.

If you are able to go into niches like pressure washing and heavy cleaning, you can charge a lot more than standard housekeepers and maids. You'll need to have your own equipment and be skilled in using it safely.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Compelling families to remain at home over prolonged periods have rucked up opportunities for fights and discontentment. Marriage and family therapists are an increasingly popular career choice as the demand for "mental mediators" rises.

Moreover, since therapists can work from home, they have the flexibility to be with family in a time of need. Therapy over video-link also allows therapists to save hours in commuting time and squeeze additional hours of appointment time out of every day.

Youtubers and Bloggers

Advertisers and companies have been shifting their budgets toward internet advertising. And with the increasing popularity of youtube and blogging, self-proclaimed communication specialists have stepped in to fill the space. Some will generate videos that promote products and give airtime to sponsored services, while others will write about them to share with their viewers and readers. Be it on TikTok, Youtube, Twitch or any other platform with viral content, you can work from home, build your own mini-empire and make money while doing what you love.

Online Reseller via Amazon, Taobao, etc.

Internet money-making opportunities are spreading fast with people going online to shop for everything from groceries to gadgets they need. Online reselling involves buying goods at retail price and selling them for a profit online. Resellers have moved from doing it "on the side" to reselling full-time with the tremendous volumes of domestic and global orders. Rebranding options and white-labelling your products can be done within the Amazon and Tabobao platforms themselves, making it really easy for anyone to get into this line of work.

Food Delivery Persons

Most people prefer to order food even though they are stuck at home with the kitchen nearby. Most commonly, families at home lament having to consume similar dishes daily and rather than cooking it and having to wash the dirty dishes afterward, ordering takeout is increasingly common. Adding the ease of a few taps on the phone, these deliveries are ready for pickup from the door and paid for electronically.

Doing food delivery is an ideal job for when everyone else is working from home, and running the errands in bulk can save money on individual to-go orders.

Personal Trainers

When people are running out of steam and feeling insufficiently motivated from the confines of the home, a personal trainer can be a great way for them to get back into the swing of things – and fast. There are plenty of opportunities for trainers at home too - more people are becoming couch potatoes, yet the desire for attractive and fit bodies will always be present in peoples' minds.

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