Can I be fired during my notice period?

Learn the answers you need on navigating your notice period and how to protect yourself from unfair dismissal. Just in case you get fired during notice.

Yes, in some cases, an employee may be fired during their notice period.

What situations can cause an employee to be fired during notice?

This is typically allowed if the employee has engaged in serious misconduct, such as theft or violence, that would justify their immediate termination.

Whether or not an employer can fire an employee during their notice period will depend on the terms of the employment contract and applicable employment laws.

But isn't the employee leaving anyway; why fire the person?

Even if an employee is leaving their job, an employer may choose to fire them during their notice period if they have engaged in serious misconduct.

This is because the employer may not want the employee to continue working for the company, even for a short period of time, if they have demonstrated behavior that is unacceptable or illegal.

How often does firing while on notice happen?

It is relatively rare for an employer to fire an employee during their notice period, as most employers will prefer to allow the employee to work through their notice period and to ensure a smooth transition.

Firing while on notice can be seen as a drastic and serious action.

When there is no need for the employer to take immediate action to remove the errant person, he or she will not be fired.

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