Can my employer pay me in lieu of notice?

Learn about when and how employers may offer payment in lieu of notice to ensure that you receive the compensation that's due to you.

Yes, in some cases, an employer may choose to pay an employee in lieu of giving notice.

What this means

This means that instead of requiring the employee to work through their notice period, the employer will pay the employee for the amount of time they would have worked during that period.

The employee will not be required to work during his or her notice period.

This is sometimes referred to as "pay in lieu of notice" or "severance pay."

Will I be offered this option to be paid severance?

Whether or not an employer is required to offer pay in lieu of notice will depend on the terms of the employment contract and applicable employment laws.

An employer may choose not to exercise this option, and a resigning employee would have to work through his notice instead (as per normal).

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