Do I need to handle group admissions interview differently than individual interview?

Discover how to succeed in a group admissions interview, including tips on interacting with other students and participating in group activities. Learn the key differences between group and individual interviews.

In a group admissions interview, there may be some differences in the way that you approach the interview compared to an individual interview. However, the basic principles of preparing for and conducting an interview still apply.

You will face your competition, in the face.

One key difference in a group interview is that you'll be interacting with other students who are also being interviewed. This means that you'll need to be aware of your body language and nonverbal communication, and to avoid interrupting or speaking over others. You'll also need to be flexible and adaptable, as the dynamics of the group may change as the interview progresses.

You will do things as a group, so you need to cooperate with your competitiors.

Additionally, in a group interview, you may be asked to participate in group activities or exercises, such as brainstorming or problem-solving tasks.

These activities are designed to assess your ability to work with others and to showcase your skills and abilities.

It's important to approach these tasks with a positive attitude, to listen to the ideas of others, and to contribute your own ideas and suggestions.

How best to succeed at a group interview?

Overall, the key to success in a group admissions interview is to be prepared, to be engaged, and to be yourself.

By showing your unique talents and qualities, and by demonstrating your enthusiasm for the college and its programs, you can impress the interviewers and increase your chances of being admitted.

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