Do the majority of candidates receive interviews from colleges?

Do you wonder if the majority of college applicants are successful in getting interviews? Find out here, which takes an in-depth look at how colleges decide who to interview and why.

Demand for a slot outstrips supply.

No, the majority of candidates do not receive interviews from colleges. Many colleges receive more applications than they have spots available for interviews so not all candidates will be granted an interview.

Practical constraints limit how many students the school can arrange to meet up.

Colleges have limited space and timeslots available for interviews so they are only offered to select applicants who meet certain criteria such as high academic achievement or extracurricular involvement.

Therefore it is unlikely that most candidates will get invited for an interview with a college since there is usually stiff competition among those applying and spots can be quite limited depending on the school's size and budget constraints.

But everyone should get a reply

However, most colleges strive to provide at least some form of feedback or response in order to give potential students a sense that their application was received and reviewed within a reasonable amount of time.

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