Does it matter whether I give my notice in the morning or the afternoon?

Are you unsure of when the best time to give your notice is? Find out if it really makes a difference whether you do it in the morning or afternoon.

In most cases, it does not matter whether you give your notice in the morning or the afternoon.

Regardless the hour of the day you give your notice, the very day will be counted as Day 1. This means notice given at 10 A.M. or at 10 P.M. on the same day will be considered the same.

If hour of the day doesn't matter, then what does matter?

The important thing is to provide your employer with proper notice of your resignation, which typically means giving them enough time to find a replacement for you and to ensure a smooth transition.

The specific terms of your notice period, including how it is calculated and when it begins and ends, will depend on the terms of your employment contract and applicable employment laws.

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