How many interviewers typically participate in a panel admissions interview?

Learn how many interviewers are typically involved in a panel admissions interview.

In a panel admissions interview, there are typically several interviewers who participate in the interview. The exact number of interviewers will vary depending on the college or university, but it is not uncommon for there to be three or four interviewers on a panel.

What will the panel ask?

In a panel interview, each interviewer will typically ask the student a series of questions about their academic and extracurricular achievements, their career goals, and their reasons for wanting to attend the college.

The student will have the opportunity to answer the questions and to engage in a conversation with the panel.

What is the purpose of having a panel interview?

Overall, a panel admissions interview allows the college to get a more comprehensive understanding of the student and their qualifications.

It also allows the student to have a more interactive and engaging interview experience, as they can interact with multiple interviewers and gain different perspectives on the college and its programs.

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