How to attend job interviews while working without being caught

Are you looking for tips on how to attend job interviews while working without getting caught? Here are some ideas to attend those interviews secretly.

If possible, schedule the interview outside of your normal work hours to avoid suspicion.

However if directly asking is inconvenient for you, then consider:

  1. Ask if it's okay for you to take a short break or lunch hour during the day and use that time for interviewing purposes instead of taking an extended amount of time off from work unexpectedly.
  2. Find a interviewing location close-by where you can go between shifts so that you won't need too much additional travel/time away from your job site if necessary (e.g., local coffee shop).
  3. Schedule the interview around commute times so that extra travel isn't suspiciously noticeable by colleagues or bosses; get creative with justifications like doctor appointments or running errands after/before work hours etc., if anyone asks why you're away for longer than usual periods of time throughout the day.
  4. Try not to make any noticeable changes in your appearance when heading out - don’t dress up more than usual, as this might raise eyebrows with co-workers who may wonder what is going on.

Alternatively, you can secretly interview for another job by:

  1. Take advantage of technology by doing video interviews online whenever possible – this way there will be no physical evidence linking yourself and potential employers together should someone ask questions about why you left early one afternoon etc.
  2. Don’t discuss details related to upcoming interviews with anyone at work; keep them confidential until after they have taken place either through emailing friends & family afterwards or waiting until the end of each shift before mentioning anything.
  3. Pick deconflicting appointment timings. Make sure to plan the interview dates when it is least likely that you will be missed at work, such as days off or long lunch breaks.
  4. Request phone interviews first whenever possible-they don't require physical presence.

While interviewing during work hours or while employed, do be:

  1. Be mindful when researching companies prior to attending their interviews– try not do these activities while on company devices & networks.
  2. Don’t take too many personal calls related to your applications while at office - try emailing instead, unless absolutely necessary
  3. Have printed copies (and digital backups) ready just incase paperwork needs signed at an unexpected meeting.
  4. Use public transport wherever feasible—this would help avoid being seen driving out of the workplace multiple times which may draw attention.
  5. Avoid talking about job hunting activities with coworkers - keep conversations superficial if they inquire further into what has been keeping busy lately outside working hours
  6. Lastly, use common sense throughout all stages – don’t lie about where you are headed but also remember discretion is key here as well.

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