How to Deal with Competition When Looking for A Job

Don't Score an "Own Goal" | Too Quick To Give Up? | Be Civil

How to Deal with Competition When Looking for A Job
Learn to deal with competition during your job search.

The job application process is normally very competitive and it takes a lot of time and effort to complete everything that is necessary for employment. It can be very stressful and it is important to make sure everything is filled out correctly, if it is not, then you will get eliminated.

Don't Score an "Own Goal"

Make sure you do not leave any parts out of the application. Make sure you fill everything out completely. If they ask for your email address make sure you provide an up-to-date valid one. Make sure your address is correct. If they ask for your previous employment history make sure you provide a complete list and ensure it is accurate and detailed.

Job Interview Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Prospects
• Don’t Answer with “I Don’t Know”• Being Unprepared for the Hidden Agenda• Failure to Make Meaningful Conversation• Purposely Appearing Uninterested or Bored• Speaking Too Much• Being Too Impressed by the Company

Too Quick To Give Up?

Just because an ad says that it will review resumes within 7 days doesn't mean that they will read it. Some of these big companies can receive hundreds of applications for one position. Therefore, it is important to follow up on the application if you feel they may be interested in you. Even in jobs where it is known to have many strong candidates applying to them, the competition could be very well picky and give up a second-rated spot which you very much desire. Thus, it may take a few follow-ups for you to get noticed while you hang tight in hope of a positive email or phone call.

Write to the person on the company letterhead, if possible. If you cannot find the correct person on the letterhead, write to them at their alternate office address, or pick an address of a different branch office.

Then, never send an application without a cover letter. The most important thing in your cover letter is to convince them that you are qualified for this position, not that they need more people in their office. It is very easy to leave out key information or change key information when writing a resume or cover letter.

Be Civil When Speaking to Your Competition

Other candidates may provide insight, suggestions and ideas for job searches. The way you respond to competing candidates is crucial to your competitive edge.

Show that you acknowledge their credentials, accomplishments and experience. Avoid personal attacks or language that could be insulting to interviewers or the person you are interviewing with. By doing these two things it will help show that you are professional and demonstrate that you are not trying to cause trouble for another candidate who has many years of experience in their field which could give them the edge over others in the big search process.

What Are The Off Limit Topics for An Interview?
• Age• Religious Affiliation• Marriage, Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity• Disabilities, Medical Information and Health History• Race-based Hiring Practices• Social Security Number / Identity Number

Candidates who you meet at one interview may rise up the career ladder fast, and one day could be your colleague or even your boss. The best way not to burn any bridges or spoil any relationship is to show you are a humble, polite person who is always willing to listen, learn and grow.

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