How to increase your salary by comparing with the industry's average pay

Are you looking to increase your salary? Discover how to compare your pay with the industry's average and find out what strategies you can use to negotiate for a higher salary.

Having been in the role for at least half a year, it is prompt for you to request a review if the industry average salary has changed.

When is it realistic to ask for pay adjustment

If the industry average salary has increased since you began with your present employer, then you can ask whether it is realistic for the company to pay a competitive salary and make salary adjustments for you.

The salary history taken by indexes like Glassdoor or pooled data on LinkedIn will reveal the average salary and salary range.

What can you ask for besides pay adjustment

In the salary discussion with HR, you can ask for extra vacation days in lieu of salary if they are not willing to concede a higher cash outlay or meet your target salary expectations.

Flexi work hours or requests for a transfer are more ways you can negotiate for something you want, and arrangements the company can easily meet.

Using market rates is a great negotiation leverage tool to show your worth, benchmarked against other employees in the industry.

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