How to negotiate your salary during promotion interviews

Want to make sure you get the salary you deserve during your promotion interview? Learn how to negotiate your salary because this is the time to do it.

HR has an intended allocated salary range planned for each promotion.

This budgeting allows the company to control cost more easily, so as part of the discussions, it is important not to insist on a dollar value outside the range since HR will never agree with it.

Anchoring your salary against your colleagues

One of the most famous tactics, called anchoring, is where you are prepared and familiar with what previous employees in your position were paid.

With your mention of familiarity with what your peers were paid, the HR will be reminded that "if you can get paid on par with your friends, why shouldn't I pay you as well?"

This is also a good tactic to use if you find out what your peers in the same job are getting paid. You can also play off any tidbit of info the HR might not know about so that you can have some extra negotiating room.

Promotion interviews are completely different from your initial interview

Unlike your very first interview with your current employer, the hiring manager will treat external job applicants differently from if the position was filled by an internal employee.

A potential employer is less likely to accede to a salary outside a range they are comfortable with as the new hire would not have proven their performance to deliver.

As such salary negotiations for new job applicants are usually shorter and the discussion scope is more narrow.

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