Is excelling at my passion or hobby seen favorably in a college interview?

Learn how excelling at something you love can be beneficial during the college application process. Read this to understand how doing what you love can help your admission chances.

Yes, excelling at a passion or hobby can be seen favorably in college interviews. It shows the interviewer that you are passionate and dedicated to something outside of academics.

College admissions officers will often look for students who are well-rounded with interests outside of academics.

Showing an enthusiasm and interest in your hobbies may help you stand out from other applicants as someone dedicated to their craft, trade or art form.

Besides, demonstrating an interest in activities beyond schoolwork may show initiative and leadership skills as well. These are positive traits that give you brownie points.

Additionally, if an applicant has achieved success through following their passions it could demonstrate mastery, leadership and teamwork skills which can also be attractive qualities for potential colleges. Prepare a list of awards and participation record for the college's reference.

Additionally, it could give you a topic for conversation during the interview which could help ease any nerves or awkwardness on your part.

However, depending on what the activity is there might also be some questions about how it will affect your future plans so make sure to come prepared for those kind of queries too.

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