Is it good to get chosen for a college interview before my schoolmates?

Been chosen for a college interview before your schoolmates? Wonder if it's a good thing or not? Find out if you should be excited or worried.

Yes, it can be a good thing to get chosen for a college interview before your schoolmates.

It shows that the college has identified you early as someone with potential and is willing to invest in getting to know more about you and how you will contribute positively at their institution.

Being selected ahead of others also indicates that there are certain qualities or skills unique to you which may not have been present in other applicants from your school. This could give an advantage when competing against them during the application process if all else remains equal.

Additionally, being chosen early gives more time for preparation so one can make sure they excel on their interview day and stand out even further among peers applying from the same highschool/college program etc.

All these factors taken together represent an opportunity worth taking seriously- but don't forget not everyone will receive this privilege!

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