Is it normal to be asked to wear my uniform for a college interview?

Feeling anxious about an upcoming college interview? Find out if it's normal for colleges to ask you to wear a uniform.

No, it is not normal to be asked to wear your uniform for a college interview. Most colleges will ask you to dress professionally or in business attire for an interview.

Voluntarily wearing a uniform (even from your previous place of study) might make the interviewer think that you are unprepared or ill-equipped for the interview situation. The interviewer may think you did not made the necessary arrangements to obtain appropriate attire and instead you had to use your old uniform attire. This could negatively affect how they view you as an applicant.

However, some schools may have specific rules regarding what type of clothing must be worn (or suggested to be worn) during interviews so if there's any doubt, contact their admissions office before attending your appointment just in case.

In general though, wearing your school’s issued uniform isn't necessary unless specifically instructed by someone from the university itself.

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