Should I give succinct answers or give elaborated replies during college interviews?

Are you preparing for a college interview? Learn the pros and cons of giving succinct answers vs. elaborated replies to help make the most of your interview.

Giving succinct answers during college interviews is important because it shows that you have clear communication skills and can think on your feet. At the same time, elaborating in certain cases may be beneficial to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular topic or subject area. It's best to strike a balance between giving concise responses and providing additional explanation when necessary.

Why you shouldn't just give long answers right away

If it is a straightforward, factual question that requires only short and simple answers then succinct replies are best. However, if the interviewer wants to know more about your experience or skills then you should provide an elaborated reply which gives clear information backed up with examples where possible.

Speak in complete sentences

You should also make sure to answer questions in full sentences rather than just one word answers which can come across as terse and unenthusiastic.


Ultimately, be aware of what kind of response would best suit each particular interview question so that you can present yourself effectively during college interviews.

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