What are some appropriate excuses for missing a deadline for a college interview?

Missed an important application deadline? Find out some appropriate excuses and tips on how to recover from this kind of situation.

When it comes to college interviews, meeting deadlines is essential. However, sometimes unexpected events occur that can prevent you from submitting your application or other documents by the required date.

In these cases, having an appropriate excuse for missing a deadline may be necessary in order to explain why you were unable to meet the expectations of the interview panel on time.

This article will provide some examples of appropriate excuses for missing a deadline for a college interview and discuss how best to communicate them with admissions representatives.

Here are 8 situations where you can create believable excuses.

First Example: Act of God

  1. Natural disasters can also be valid reasons for not meeting deadlines; if your area was affected by flooding, fires, earthquakes etc., that would certainly suffice as a reason to miss the due date.

Next 3 Examples: Emergencies

  1. If you have a medical emergency such as an unexpected surgery or hospitalization, this is an appropriate excuse for missing the college interview deadline.
  2. Unexpected family emergencies may occur at any given moment (deaths/illnesses) which could justify tardiness in getting documents submitted before the cut-off point - make sure to provide documentation from doctors/hospitals where applicable.
  3. Personal crises like breakups or divorces might lead people astray so don't feel ashamed about explaining further details here either.

Another 3 Examples: Situations outside your control

  1. Technical difficulties are another common issue when it comes to interviews and submitting paperwork—if there were issues with Zoom, the computer itself or internet access preventing submission of applications on time then these should be considered acceptable excuses too.
  2. If transportation problems arise – car breakdowns/delays in flights – use those circumstances as justification for being late with your application materials delivery
  3. Temporary power outages resulting from adverse weather conditions could prevent timely document completion.

One Final Example: Money problems

  1. Unforeseen financial obligations such as sudden bills needing payment can cause delays so ensure they’re documented appropriately if using them as reasons why submissions happened after their expected dates.

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