What are Some Positive Experiences You Encountered at Your Last Job?

To tackle this question, you can share stories with your ex-customers and how you responded. Talk about: • Customer • Business • Tough Times

What are Some Positive Experiences You Encountered at Your Last Job?
Some uplifting ideas you can share with your interviewer about your previous job.

To tackle this question, you can share stories with your ex-customers and how you responded. Business goals like performance growth targets likely become interesting tales any prospective employer will want to hear.

To brainstorm further, consider the following topics:

1) Customer

Customer experience strategy, Customer feedback, Positive customer experience, Customer journeys, Loyal customer, Customer satisfaction, Unhappy customers

The common man always says that the customer is always right and, well they probably are even when they are not right. You can recount the customers which you helped them the most - maybe their business boomed and they went trending on TikTok! Viral-ness that you directly contributed to is a major plus point in 2021++ era since the best marketing is free, organic marketing.

2) Businesses

Business growth, Medium term expectations, Business outcomes, Celebration, Non team players

The core of the company is its people. So share your contributions and successes that made you such a great fit in your past organisation. Your value and effort isn't all you can talk about during your interview. Talk about others as well - your colleagues, subordinates and even your bosses. You see them day-in-day-out. Probably spending more time with them, than your girlfriend/boyfriend when you go count the hours. Dig out one good experience with them and milk the story during the interview.

3) Tough times

Difficult times, COVID shutdown, Working from home, Telecommuting

The world got screwed upside down in 2020 & 2021. Was distance a hurdle to you? Surely you showed your strong independence, took charge of your responsibilities and delivered outcomes that showed you were an overachiever (right?) hehe. If you got stuck in a ruck, you would have adapted well to ride the food-delivery wave, do some kind of transition from brick-and-mortar to 100% online or spent quality time with your grandparents and studied a whole lot. Self improvement in the dark days.


Sharing a positive experience can help create a positive atmosphere in the room. HR has to go through dozens of applications to find someone who fits the role and to be honest, it gets mundane. Hearing something positive brightens their day, puts a nice ending note to an interview session and gives them a (slightly) better reason to hire/pick you.

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