What happens when you quit and start serving notice?

Here is a timeline of what to expect after you submit your formal letter of resignation, quit and begin serving out your legally required notice.

What happens when you quit and start serving notice?
An explainer on what to expect after you choose to quit and begin serving notice. Infographic flowchart further breaks down this process.

When you hand in your notice, your employer has a few options.

They can:

1) accept your resignation and let you leave on the date you’ve specified;

2) try to convince you to stay; or

3) refuse to accept your resignation and dismiss you.

But this doesn't matter much as you're hell-bent and intent on quitting.

So what's next?

Infographic showing timeline of "what's next": From the point where you throw letter and quit

The first steps is where the employee makes personal consideration whether to stay or leave the company. There could be multiple push pull factors, to attract an employee to greener pastures or to prevent him from leaving a familiar environment. Change isn't comfortable here.

The second step is about the employee's formal decision to quit. Day 1 of notice starts here (same day).

Then, handover of duties start. Work goes on as per normal, the resigning worker still comes to office as per usual, with gradually fewer duties.

Finally, as the last day of notice and workday ends, the obligation to remain at the company terminates. Then he is free to engage in fresh work, employment or reclaim his free time to do whatever else he has planned.

Process flowchart to show a step-by-step sequence of what happens when you quit and start serving your notice period to your employer

This process consists of many steps, but it is not a lengthy process. Many people have quit and gone through this before. Plus the company will already have their own backup plans in place to maintain their business structure and continue current projects.

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