What is the notice period for an internship if it is not stated?

If you're wondering what the notice period is for an internship that's not been stated, then this article is for you. Find out everything you need to know about giving notice for an internship, right here.

If an internship's notice period is not stated, then it is likely that there is no formal notice period and either party can end the internship arrangement with a reasonable amount of notice. This duration is commonly understood to be 3 days.

FYI: Regular full-time jobs have a usual notice period of 2 weeks as a worldwide standard. So for interns, 3 days is a reasonable length of time.

However, if possible, it is always best to clarify this matter with your employer before starting the internship. Though if you are mid-way through and want to quit, then try to negotiate your way out to reduce your notice period.

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