What kind of impression does a strong student give during a college interview?

Learn what kind of impression a strong student gives during a college interview. Find out how to make the best first impression and stand out from other candidates.

A strong student gives the impression during a college interview that they are highly motivated and dedicated to their education.

Characteristics of a strong candidate

The way they think

They demonstrate an eagerness to learn, coupled with a willingness to take on challenging assignments. They also display confidence in their skillset, while also showing respect for others’ opinions and ideas.

How they prepare before the college interview itself

A strong student will come prepared with thoughtful questions about the school or program they are applying for, allowing them to show genuine interest in the institution.

The vibe they give off

A strong student gives the impression of being knowledgeable, confident and well-prepared for the college interview. Their words will show a genuine interest in their academic pursuits, and display enthusiasm when discussing their past experiences or future goals.

How they maintain control of oneself when the interview gets tough

Furthermore, they remain composed throughout the conversation while exhibiting respect towards all parties involved. When they are faced with ambiguous questions or posed with questions that do not have a single correct answer, they do not stutter or go-blank. Instead, he or she exhibits respect towards all parties involved and provides well-reasoned explanations.

The way they speak

Finally, a strong student is able to articulate why this particular college would be beneficial for them both academically and personally—ultimately making them stand out from other applicants as someone who has done extensive research into what makes each school unique.

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