Which of my weaknesses should I mention to avoid harming my interview performance?

"Are you worried about how to talk about your weaknesses in a job interview? Read on to find out which ones you should mention - and which ones to avoid - for maximum impact on your performance.

When preparing for a job interview, it is important to be honest and open about your weaknesses.

While you don't want to talk negatively about yourself in an interview, mentioning some of your weaknesses can help demonstrate that you understand the areas where you need improvement.

First, never ever lie. It won't look good.

It's important to be honest about your weaknesses so that you can discuss ways in which you are working towards improving them during the interview.

So which weakness do I pick?

Knowing which weaknesses to mention depends largely on the position being interviewed for; however, there are some general tips that can guide this decision-making process.

Try to mention a weakness that isn't directly related or relevant to the job role - for example, if it is an IT position then don't state 'I'm not great with technology'.

Continue the conversation confidently - no wimping.

Next, talk about how areas of improvement may have been identified and what steps you're taking currently in order to address those issues (e.g., attending classes/courses etc).

Then, you could also talk through challenges faced while trying to overcome any particular weaknesses - this can show resilience and determination on your part!

Be real. You will encounter problems as you work through the hardship that comes with your weakness - share them.

Mentioning traits such as impatience or perfectionism can demonstrate self-awareness; however make sure these points come across positively.

This can be done by discussing how they've helped shape your approach at work, rather than being seen as negative character flaws!


Finally, ensure that whatever weak point(s) you bring up does not overshadow all other aspects of yourself – highlight both strengths and weaknesses without dwelling too long on either one. This is a great approach to discussing your weaknesses during an interview without harming overall performance.

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