Why are the holidays the best time to search for a new job?

The holidays are the best time to get a new job. Here are 5 reasons why people search for a job in December.

The holidays are the best time to get a new job because:

  1. The holidays are the perfect time to score a new job because hiring managers have more time to review applications and conduct interviews.
  2. Plus, you can use the extra free time you have to update your resume and brush up on your interviewing skills.
  3. Many companies are hiring seasonal staff to help with the increased demand during the holiday season.
  4. There tend to be more job openings in general during this time as businesses gear up for the busyness of the season.
  5. Holiday bonuses and pay bumps are common, as the end of year is a time for appraisal and performance evaluations. So it's a great time to start earning more at a new company.
  6. Employers are usually in good spirits and open to making deals or giving promotions during this festive time of year.
  7. The end of the year is also a popular time for people who want to make a career change, so there is an influx of talented workers on the market. Some workers even devote a change of job or work environment as one of their New Year's Resolutions.

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