Why do most strong college applications come from brand name schools?

Did you know that applications from brand name schools often have an edge in college admissions? Read this article to find out why and how to make sure your application stands out, no matter the school.

Holding standards high, beyond the normal requirements

Brand name schools tend to have more rigorous and competitive admissions standards, so students who apply from these institutions are typically of a higher caliber than other applicants.

Non-academic activities further sets its students apart

These schools also offer resources such as extracurricular activities, internships, research opportunities that can help bolster an application and make it stand out among others in the applicant pool.

Connections & additional social resources

Additionally, brand name schools often provide their students with access to well-known faculty members whose networks may open doors for them when applying for jobs or further education after graduation.

Then there's the brand itself.

The prestige associated with attending certain colleges is another factor why strong college applications come from brand name schools.

A good, reputable education brings you further.

Employers recognize this distinction on resumes and take note of it during job searches or interviews.

Brand names usually carry clout; even if two candidates have similar academic backgrounds but one attended a prestigious school while the other did not, chances are high that the former will be favored by most employers due to its reputation alone.

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