Why do schools ask questions with no definite answers during interviews?

Interviews are an important part of the school admission process. But why do schools ask questions with no definite answers? Read this article to understand why and how you can prepare for such interviews.

Schools ask questions with no definite answers during interviews to gauge the applicant's thought process and problem-solving skills.

These types of open-ended interview questions give applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to think critically, as well as provide insight into how they would handle difficult situations if hired.

By asking these kinds of questions, schools are able to get a better sense of who each candidate is and determine which one best fits the needs of the school or program.

More reasons for asking questions without concrete, correct answers

6 reasons why open-ended questions with no definite correct answers are:

  1. These types of open-ended questions can reveal the applicant's ability to think critically and creatively, as well as their capacity for abstract thinking.
  2. It is also possible that these open-ended inquiries may provide unexpected information from which conclusions could be drawn as opposed just asking direct factual based queries which might not give any further insights beyond what is directly stated by the candidate
  3. Interviewers also use these questions to gauge how candidates respond when faced with an ambiguous situation or challenge in order to get more insight into their character beyond what is listed on paper applications or resumes alone
  4. Open ended interview questions are often used by schools because they provide them with valuable information about each individual that cannot be obtained from other sources due to time constraints associated with interviewing large numbers of applicants in short amounts of time.
  5. Asking open ended interview question allows institutions like universities assess an applicant’s personality traits such as communication skills, self expression capabilities, and willingness/ability collaborate effectively within a team environment if necessary.
  6. Lastly, no two people will answer a question without any definitive answers exactly the same way which makes it possible for admissions teams quickly compare multiple applicants against one another while still gaining some meaningful insights into who they truly are rather than just what appears on paper.

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