Why does HR respond faster to job applications in the mornings?

One reason is prioritization. Filling an urgent role is important, so HR does this first thing in the morning. Read more about the other 5 reasons.

There are a few reasons for why HR responds to job applications quicker before lunch (i.e. in the morning).

  1. First, most people are more productive in the morning and have more energy. Fresh!
  2. Second, there are fewer distractions in the morning - everyone just got into the office and are starting to settle in. HR people are able to focus on their work early in the day.
  3. Third, HR departments tend to be busiest in the afternoon and evening, since peak periods for office meetings are often between 1pm and 4pm. So, they have more time to review applications in the morning.
  4. Fourth, many companies have deadlines for hiring that they want to meet as soon as possible, so they prioritize applications that come in early.
  5. A fifth reason is that there is typically less email traffic in the morning, so messages are more likely to be seen and responded to quickly. Many people start their workdays by checking and responding to emails, so HR professionals may be more likely to see and respond to new job applications first thing in the morning.
  6. Finally, since most hiring decisions are made during business hours, it's important for HR to review and process new applications as soon as possible (in the morning) so that they can move forward with filling open positions (in the afternoon).

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