Why does talking too much in a college interview look like I am gloating?

Are you guilty of boasting in a college interview? Find out why talking too much can be detrimental and how to show your enthusiasm without oversharing.

Talking too much in a college interview can come off as gloating because it makes the interviewer think that you are bragging about yourself and your accomplishments.

The interviewer might not think the same way

If the interviewer believes that you are trying to show them how smart or successful you are, they may not take kindly to your self-promotion.

Some interviewers may think you are overly proud to the extent that you are mocking them and their school - which may be unintentional to you, but feel very real to them.

Are you off-topic and detracting the interview itself?

Additionally, talking too much during an interview can make it difficult for the interviewer to get all of their questions answered properly and efficiently when time is limited.

For some schools, there are absolutely questions that have to be asked and your responses recorded.

If they can't get your answer or fail to get a substantial answer out of you, then you may not perform well overall for the interview.

What kind of person are you seen as?

Gloating also reflects poorly on one's character; employers want confident applicants but not those who seem arrogant or boastful about themselves.

Furthermore, if someone talks excessively throughout an entire job or college application process, this could lead employers to view him/her as overly talkative with little substance behind what he/she is saying.

Lastly, showing up at an interview over prepared by speaking more than necessary implies that one has nothing else left to say which might indicate lack of enthusiasm when the interview ends abruptly or in an awakward manner.

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