Why is it so hard to think of good strengths and weaknesses?

Do you ever struggle to think of good strengths and weaknesses during job interviews or assessments? Find out why it can be so hard, and how to overcome this challenge

It can be difficult to think of good strengths and weaknesses because it requires self-reflection, which is often uncomfortable for many people.

You feel exposed when you judge yourself.

People may feel vulnerable when talking about their personal qualities in an interview or on a job application as well.

Thinking of a weakness is like shooting yourself in your own foot because you have to.

We think of ourselves too negatively most of the time.

Additionally, most people tend to focus more on their weaknesses than the positive things they bring to the table; this makes it hard for them to come up with strengths that truly reflect who they are instead of just listing generic ones like "hardworking" or "team player."

Difficult to be honest with ourselves. We hate listening to the hard truths.

It's also challenging because some individuals might not have honest insight into themselves and how others perceive them—therefore making it difficult for them to accurately assess both sides objectively without bias or exaggeration involved in either direction.

Not humble and sometimes too arrogant with ourselves.

Furthermore, having too much humility can make someone struggle with identifying what sets him/her apart from other applicants since one doesn't want his/her answers sounding boastful but still wants employers take notice of any unique skills he/she possesses that could help contribute positively towards the organization’s success.

Overwhelming when forced to categorise traits into one of two baskets (the good and the bad).

Lastly, sometimes its simply overwhelming trying decide exactly what should be classified under “strength” versus “weakness” - especially if there aren't clear cut distinctions between those two categories depending on context.

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