Will I receive a reference from my employer if I quit my job?

Wondering if you'll receive a reference from your employer after quitting your job? Find out the answer to this and more in our article on what to expect when resigning from employment.

Whether or not you will receive a reference from your employer when you quit your job will depend on the specific circumstances and the relationship that you have with your employer.

Some employers may be willing to provide a reference for a former employee, while others may not.

Having a cordial relationship will bring a positive reference

In general, if you have had a positive working relationship with your employer and have given proper notice before quitting, you may be more likely to receive a reference.

You can initiate a request for a reference instead of waiting for one

If you are concerned about receiving a reference from your employer, you can discuss this with them before quitting to see if they are willing to provide one.

You can also try to build a network of professional contacts and references from other sources, such as colleagues, clients, and mentors, who can provide recommendations for you in the future.

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